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    I have been an agent for other companies as well as running my own. I have found that since I became an agent with Landstar, my whole game was changed. Of course there are obvious benefits to being an agent over running your own Brokerage, however not all companies that have an agent program are the same. In fact I would say that most are not very good at all as they may not give the support or service offerings you may need. I can say for sure that since I became a Landstar agent my business opportunities have increased beyond what I thought. The whole company is 100% agent based so there is no competing with company owned offices. We have every mode of service available to us even if we do not specialize in it. We have the ability to network with other Landstar agents that can help educate and handle freight for you. For instance I specialize in Intermodal, Truck Brokerage and LTL. I help other agents move intermodal for their customers. There are other agents that help me move International shipments. Yes I have heard that other companies may offer a higher commission, but when the day is all done I have made more with Landstar than I have with any other company. Here is my site Landstar, Riverside, CA, Truckload, Supply Chain Logistics, Warehouse Services

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