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Discussion in 'Gordon Food Service' started by MikeJ, Aug 13, 2015.

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    Alright so, I don't know how the rest of you guys are taking it in the system, but right now were swapped here at my yard here in Ohio. This week every day I was loaded down and had plenty of stops. Today was actually the easiest day I had this week 847 cases 14,000lbs. Tomorrows a 20,000 pounder.
    Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were all 15,000lbs-18,000+lbs.

    Schools are starting to open up and there trickling back in and were busy and it's only going to get busier.Were short on help pretty much they said were going to be busy for the next month real busy no help will be coming and it's back to I'm just a person on my own (was I ever anything else?).

    Heck last Friday our bosses were both out of the office neither one of them were there we all went in and did our thing. Heck I had 21,000lbs last Friday took 8 stops in before I could even get my two wheeler in the back of the trailer ha-ha!

    Any how I'm about beat and have to close my eyes now before another fun day of run run run. I swear we get more done, by 9am in the morning then some people get done all week.

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