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    I would like to know if there are other "active" employees in the "YRC" family, that feel the same as I do. My feelings are that we need to petition the International to get a new contract, starting in 2015. YRC has gotten everything that needed from us to secure their refinancing and restructuring while we have to live with MOU and an expired contract, biting the bullet while YRC exec's get nice fat bonuses and burn through cash like a drunken sailor on liberty in a ***** house. Now, with this "Code of Conduct" floating around that they want us to sign, this just appears to be another end run against our already crippled expired contract and it MOU support system. If you're "Active duty" in good standing with this union and working for YRC, I believe it's time that we start getting some return on our investment. Talk to you brother/sister employees and see what they think. I'm open to suggestions on how this should be accomplished.
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