Cost of living raise???

Discussion in 'XPO Logistics' started by deviator, Apr 29, 2006.

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  1. deviator

    deviator Member

    If we get one.....anyone want to make a guess to what it might be...
  2. pompano

    pompano Member

    Just enough to cover any health insurance increase.:nutkick:
  3. mgarr5

    mgarr5 New Member

    When Mr. M was at our terminal he said we were getting a raise but didn't give any hint on how much.
  4. Dockworker

    Dockworker Super Moderator Staff Member

    I say .55 per hour
  5. merlin5833

    merlin5833 Member

    My guess is .55 per hr. and maybe a penny. Not a whole lot, but better than a stick in the eye.
  6. .55 is about 2.5% ... inflation rate was ??? rate increase was ??? record profits...record profits...record profits... How about a record increase in wages and pension or how about a better match on the 401k ...
    Here's a thought .. :stirthepot: :stirthepot: :stirthepot: Let's get rid of the pension plan altogether... (they) keep telling you to put as much as you can into 401k right??? It keeps changing to fit (their) needs not ours (mine) anyway...seems like a sore subject anytime anyone asks about it anyway ...

    How about a .50 on the dollar for the first 15% ie = 22.5% that way all of us not so key employees could actually reach a balance that could support life liberty and an new corvette after 30 or 40 years of working ...

    hold up !!! that would mean they would have to cough up the money every week to deposit in your 401k ... putting money in the pension fund is like monopoly money ... If you quit or have further disciplinary action occur .. up to and including termination they would not have to pay you now .You would get your money when you are 65 years old.
    That could be a long time and there's always that possibility the corporation may not even be around to collect from.
    Dealer Wins !!!:bgroovy:soooo it is very important for all us not so key employees to be very careful with financial decisions that we make on a personel level ... Check a fella named .. Dave R .. we need this dude on our personel dept.. counseling not so key employees on how to save and plan for not having a pension and medical benefits when you retire using your rule of 85 etc... I think I feel better now .. If my thinking is wrong on this someone please show me the errors in my ways .. Have a wonderful day !@!!

    no last names please
  7. Roadeo

    Roadeo Member

    Dont know about the rest of you, But I agreee with Scroodigan. I would love to see a larger match on on the 401k
  8. merlin5833

    merlin5833 Member

    meeee toooo!

    JAYJAY New Member

    I'd Like To See A Much Larger Contribution To My 401k Too.
  10. gov

    gov dsr Thomsen, xmd

    If we get a cost of living raise that would be great,If not that would be ok to.If this great company can't afford it, I as a co-owner will understand.We need to give a little to something that has given some much to us.The leader's of C.F.(conway freight) aka corn flakes will take care of us.They have in the past,right.Remember we our in something bigger then our self's,
  11. merlin5833

    merlin5833 Member

    But we can afford it. Remember all the saleries given to manement:duh:
  12. hey gfy, i think you been hitting that kool-aid a little too hard lately. can i suggest a rehab hospital or at least some electro-shock therapy? :)
  13. gov

    gov dsr Thomsen, xmd

    Management has a very hard job to do and we need to understand the presser's that they are under.They should be highly compassed for what they do.We need to look at the whole picture.Not just at our's.It's about the whole collective team,Not just our's:smilie_132:
  14. gov

    gov dsr Thomsen, xmd

    I do take electro shock,Every time I feel negative about our team I give myself a hit.They are hooked on my nipples.I like it.:biglaugh:
  15. merlin5833

    merlin5833 Member

    WOW! I think I'm going to run out to the garage and hook up my battery to mine too and get some of that kool-aid and drown my happyness:eck13:
  16. gov

    gov dsr Thomsen, xmd

    Kool-aid fixes everything.
  17. merlin5833

    merlin5833 Member

    yeah baby!!!
  18. gov

    gov dsr Thomsen, xmd

    I use a lot of suger.That why feel feel so sweet all the time
  19. the shadow

    the shadow Member

    I like to use jumper cables.. While wearing my aluminum foil hat while sipping a mint julip made with xgo kool aid..:biglaugh:
  20. gov

    gov dsr Thomsen, xmd

    I think it's time to start the C.F. Kool-aid thread:rolleyes:Mint julip,Oh boy.Ithought only the xgo types drank that.
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