Dempsey Boyd- died peacefully in his home.

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    Best part is, they sent the massage the morning of his funeral. Only those who camped at the Clayton terminal got to go, the rest of us had hit the road.

    It was a 2 day meeting, all of Monday, we got our 8 hours of sleep, and it continued to 11:00AM Tuesday, Wendsday I found a message for his funeral. To bad for me and the 5 tailing me, our appt. was a hour away. I choose to take that load home, I missed my 34 and hometime. Made it home running on split sleepers and whatever hours I had left.

    For a time they dedicated their home page to him, now its gone with only a picture.

    I DO REMEMBER, after returning home from the Clayton Hospice, he died a few days later in his sleep- wife by his side to the very last.

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