FedEx Freight Dominates 2017 TMC SuperTech Competition

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    "FedEx Freight technicians racked up 10 separate station victories at the Technology & Maintenance Council’s 2017 SuperTech competition this week, as Mark McLean came away with an unprecedented third SuperTech title in five years."

    FedEx Freight’s Mark McLean Wins Third SuperTech Crown

    Rank First Name Last Name Company
    1 Mark McLean FedEx Freight
    2 Doug Nickles FedEx Freight
    3 Joseph Calaway BASE Air Management
    4 Matt Sloan FedEx Freight
    5 Larry Coatney FedEx Freight
    6 Michael Gavrielides TravelCenters of America
    7 Philip Barlow FedEx Freight
    8 Kelby Bentley FedEx Freight
    9 Terry Podralski W. W. Williams
    10 Phillip Pinter FedEx Freight
    11 Joseph Paul FedEx Freight
    12 Richard Davis NationaLease
    13 Kyle Ballard Clarke Power Services
    14 Nathan Reed RWC International
    15 Adam Farney Wal-Mart Transportation
    16 Christopher Tate Mohawk Truck Inc.
    17 Mark Galliand FedEx Freight
    18 Joseph Anderson TravelCenters of America
    19 Troy Hiatt FedEx Freight
    20 Bryan Seaton Wal-Mart Transportation
    21 Jamie Smith FedEx Freight
    22 John Winstead Old Dominion Freight Line
    23 Aaron Burdick Clarke Power Services
    24 Scott Megilligan Wal-Mart Transportation
    25 Kevin Fricke Clarke Power Services
    26 Adam Martin W. W. Williams
    27 Robert Gonzalez Ryder System
    28 Nathan Lehman Stoops Freightliner
    29 Michael Clark TravelCenters of America
    30 Christopher Matelli TravelCenters of America
    31 Josh Wilson W. W. Williams
    32 Matthew Adams Rush Truck Centers
    33 Eric Rusk McKee Foods Transportation
    34 Jacob Gernetzke Wal-Mart Transportation
    35 William Zwisle Columbia Truck Center
    36 Corey Granger TravelCenters of America
    37 Kelly Myers Wal-Mart Transportation
    38 David Thrower Old Dominion Freight Line
    39 Jason Vanderhoof Old Dominion Freight Line
    40 Donald Allison Wal-Mart Transportation
    41 Jason Lott TravelCenters of America
    42 Jesse Elmore USA Truck
    43 Josh Keiser Clarke Power Services
    44 Jose' Feliciano Dickinson Fleet Services
    45 Henry Totten Wiers International
    46 Joseph Catlin Mohawk Truck Inc.
    47 John Norwoood NationaLease
    48 Robert Berkheimer Oak Harbor Freight Lines
    49 Raece Paulsen Nebraska Truck Center
    50 Robert Mrzyglod NationaLease
    51 Jorge Acevedo VEHICARE Fleet Maintenance Solutions
    52 Brendan Murphy McDevitt Trucks
    53 Ben Siron Excel Truck Group
    54 Bradley Williams Excel Truck Group
    55 Craig Joplin UPS Freight
    56 Ryan Stephens TravelCenters of America
    57 Bradford Calfee Wal-Mart Transportation
    58 Joel Kaup Truck Center Companies
    59 Rudy Laguna H-E-B Grocery Co.
    60 James Teglas U.S. Xpress Enterprises
    61 Paul Schafer Redwine International
    62 Jay Stahl United Parcel Service
    63 Wyatt Newman W. W. Williams
    64 Canty Geraets Wal-Mart Transportation
    65 Jared Rowley Penn Power Group
    66 Christopher Stroud United Parcel Service
    67 Aaron Cummins Old Dominion Freight Line
    68 Matthew Barber Smith Power Products
    69 Michael Bloodworth Southeastern Freight Lines
    70 Robert Garrett TCW
    71 William Andazola TravelCenters of America
    72 Clarence Preston Cummins Southern Plains
    73 James Bowers U.S. Xpress Enterprises
    74 Karl Owens Ruan Transport
    75 Greg Chapman Wal-Mart Transportation
    76 Cory Gross Penn Power Group
    77 Dillon Shaw United Parcel Service
    78 Steven Frederick Wal-Mart Transportation
    79 Ryan Andrews Dean Foods Company
    80 Nathan Sensenig Penn Power Group
    81 John Rivera Ryder Transportation
    82 Chad Dorminey Wal-Mart Transportation
    83 Gabriel Mammolito Excel Truck Group
    84 Michael Trent UPS Freight
    85 Robert Hatch Hartt Transportation
    86 Steve Remus Southeastern Freight Lines
    87 Thomas Kunz United Parcel Service
    88 Kurtis Washburn PENN DDA
    89 Brian Cale Clean Harbors Environmental Services
    90 Brian Ankrum Ankrum Trucking
    91 Matthew Brendle Southeastern Freight Lines
    92 Charalambos Christofides UPS Freight
    93 Richard Liebler United Parcel Service
    94 Eric Howard Clean Harbors Environmental Services
    95 John Welsh U.S. Xpress Enterprises
    96 Kevin Kopela Clean Harbors Environmental Services
    97 Jeff Brinkman Dickinson Fleet Services
    98 Gary Sandridge Clean Harbors Environmental Services
    99 Ricky Rooker U.S. Xpress Enterprises
    100 Derrick Crockford Amerit Fleet Solutions
    101 Garry Wilson U.S. Xpress Enterprises
    102 Mark Truman Clarke Power Services
    103 William Elser United Parcel Service
    104 Chance Gartman Love's Travel Stops
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