Georgia - man killed in solo crash was healthy

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    FAIRVIEW — Ingles truck driver Richard Fox was planning on retiring just a few weeks from the day he was killed when his truck went off U.S. 441 in Putnam County, Ga.

    “He talked about retiring the end of July,” said his son, James Fox. “He loved driving a truck; he did it all his life.”

    An autopsy on Fox, 67, showed no signs of health problems that might have led to the deadly wreck. Investigators found no skid marks near where the truck left the road.

    “Everything leads us toward believing that he probably went to sleep,” said Gary McElhenney, coroner in Putnam County, Ga.

    Fox and his truck were missing for more than five days until a search party organized by his family to retrace his route discovered them.

    Searchers found him and the truck about 200 miles from home and hidden among trees from the sight of planes overhead and drivers who passed by on the highway.

    The tree canopy and the fact that only the back underbelly of the truck was visible from overhead kept it from being seen sooner. Fox's truck was not outfitted with a GPS tracking device or a radio.

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