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Discussion in 'Central Transport' started by ptranman, Mar 30, 2014.

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    I am out of here I got a good job were I am treated like a driver and not a number hay mannie moron I hope your company goes in the same toilet that vitran went in and I hope all the vitran drivers that are smart get out and get a better job bye everybody at central and all the central butt kissers I hope you get what you deserve.
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    Most of the bottom feeders stay in business because they cut corners on safety among other things. They are here to stay unfortunately. Most of the good Vitran drivers with the perfect CDL records are gone and have moved on to the elite LTL companies...The many that remain are the ones that can't get on with the best. I'm so happy you found a way out ....Congratulations my brother.
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    Do like the cat.. Kick some grass over that poo and walk on. Life beyond CT is out there...go get it!
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    to bad you left when you did, now your not eligible for the rehire program they are offering,:hysterical: at least not this phase might be expanded when no one accepts the offer.:Emoticon_digging:

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