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Discussion in 'Consolidated Freightways' started by excfman, Nov 19, 2011.

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    I just wanted to wish Happy Thanksgiving to the Consolidated Freightways Family.Be safe in travel and eats:wavey:
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    Same to you CF man.... easy one the pie now.... I always eat too much!!!!
  3. AKDon

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    Happy holiday from up north. Have you run into anybody who trucked for CF Bulk Commodities (mostly tanks and a few pneumatics) or Clark Farnsworth (mostly flatbeds and heavy haul)? I worked for both of those divisions of CF out of its Martinez terminal (which was occupied those two divisions, the nearest LTL terminal was in Oakland) from 1968 through most of 1971. Somewhere in my junk I have one or more pay stubs showing hourly rates in the $3+ range and about a dime a mile. At those rates I had much more purchasing power than my present hourly rate or mileage rate ($.53/mile for doubles and a nickle less for singles, and judging by turnover, my employer, Sourdough Express, Inc. pays market rates). So I'm not sure the working stiff has made much progress. Of course, medical insurance has been the skyrocketing cost of employees. Do you in the CF group keep any records of those divisions of CF? Has the group or any of its members projected what life would be like were CF still around the unregulated scene that we presently experience? Anyway, again, happy Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

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