Health Screening Hoopla

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    We were threatened with higher premiums on our insurance (pre-obamacare premiums) if we didn't got through the happy monkey dance of the health screenings around the system.

    Now, this week, the pravda writers are just turning somersalts and all giddy that "record numbers) did the health screenings. Well guess what....You threaten the pleebs with increased premiums and you'll surely get higher turnout. :17:

    Health Screenings A Big Success! Record number takes first step in Pathway To Well-Being

    When it comes to taking care of your health, the first step is knowing where you stand. And that’s what thousands of our associates have done this year by participating in our annual health screenings! In fact, as of the beginning of July, we’ve seen a record number of associates complete Step 1 of our Pathway To Well-Being. Way to go, team!

    These people in kookeville just think we are the most ignorant things to roam the earth.:shrug:

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