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Discussion in 'XPO Logistics' started by sucker666, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. sucker666

    sucker666 Well-Known Member

    Who’s barn is holding A Holiday party this year ?
    I heard there is a super big bash being held for the top brass no expense withheld.

    2 different worlds now no more us just them.
    Go team !
  2. upnorth

    upnorth Super Moderator Staff Member

    You got to stop worrying about every little thing. Most don’t care if we have a Christmas party.

    There will always be, and has always been us and them.
  3. smokin'joe

    smokin'joe Well-Known Member

    Maybe it's not the party factor, but the hypocrisy that terminals can't but supplies until January and they are tipping back glasses.:guiness:
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  4. peachykeen

    peachykeen Member

    I've been here 10 years. We've never had a Christmas party at my barn not that any one cares if we ever did or not
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  5. snaildriver

    snaildriver Retired

    I remember a few good "Holiday" parties, but that was a long time ago.
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  6. trucknfool

    trucknfool Well-Known Member

    Back in the day, We always had a summer picnic and a something for Christmas dinner.
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  7. SuperCourse

    SuperCourse Well-Known Member

    Wouldn't be much of a party these days anyhow, bunch a people sitting around looking at their smart phone.
  8. sucker666

    sucker666 Well-Known Member

    It’s not the parties that matter to me as much as the hypocrisy of things now. We do it all and they reap the lion share if not all of the reward. Management is tottaly incompetent . We are being pilferage and there are those who still are waiting for some crumbs . AMAZING! The ignorance is dumbfounding
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  9. rangeman

    rangeman Active Member

    Wow don’t you ever shut up. You got so many problems maybe you should just get out of the business altogether. What exactly are you looking for?Do you want a half million a year to drive a truck? As I’ve said before I feel well compensated for what I do. And I’m not on call 24/7 365 days a year.I work up to 70 hours a week and the last thing I want to do spend my free time with the people I work with. Try and have a nice holiday.
  10. sucker666

    sucker666 Well-Known Member

    In short no.
    Have a great holiday.
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  11. wonderring99

    wonderring99 Well-Known Member

    I remember going to the holiday parties .. I dont remember leaving them ...
  12. My opinion on upper management's perspective----"Deal with it"! Back many decades ago, which only a few would remember, the company Christmas party was quite an annual special event. There was a sense of excitement to attend. The venue was almost always a fine restaurant which was all company paid. It was something of a semi-formal with an hour open bar and a fine dinner for "ALL" employees and our spouses or who ever was the employee's guest for the evening. It gave everyone a chance to socialize with each other outside of our work environment. We were all valued as a critical part of a cause that we felt a real connection with. Those days have since vanished, time to just go to work day in and day out, collect a paycheck, and hope for a some type of livable retirement. Just a reminder of days gone bye. :sadwavey:
  13. Serene Gene

    Serene Gene Well-Known Member

    I'd bet a fat wad of money that if our barn tried to throw one, 10% of the employees would show up, 40% would skip it because they didn't like the venue, 40% would be too badass to show up for "a dumb holiday party", and 10% would quit between the time it was announced and the time it was held. Might as well just save the money.

    And that's a huge part of that big paycheck that people gloss over. Those TMs and DMs and VPs are chained to their phones and email accounts. They are always at work, and they are disposable. We get to go home and forget about work completely (if we wanted to) and the drivers are the least disposable job category in the company. They can have those big paychecks.
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  14. whip1

    whip1 Well-Known Member

    Why would you want to go to a company party? I assume it would be a bunch of bitter guys complaining about every little decision the company makes and how it negatively affects them.
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  15. icuicp

    icuicp Well-Known Member

    Not at all close to correct. When you assume....

    This is something that is missing. A party outside of work , with drinks. This allowed for bonding , trust , and friendship. Hard to duplicate that in today's workplace.
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  16. radman

    radman moving and grooving

    I enjoyed going to the Christmas parties very much. My wife and I always had a nice time.
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  17. sucker666

    sucker666 Well-Known Member

    So I guess it’s safe to assume that Xpo is not sponsoring any more parties at the terminal level base on this small sample of response. I guess it’s just one more thing they can’t afford.
  18. sucker666

    sucker666 Well-Known Member

    They unfortunately don’t care about any of those things at our level . We are just body’s .
  19. ScotchNeat

    ScotchNeat Well-Known Member

  20. sucker666

    sucker666 Well-Known Member

    In the current state of our the workplace I hate to say your probably right but still it’s a nice gesture. It goes along with the lack of communication and team building.
    “ Showing the love “
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