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  1. :notworthy:Hi everyone! I'm working with TxDOT on assisting travelers (especially truck drivers) sign up for lane closure notices via http://my35.org. The lane closures are from 7pm -- 7am -- essentially at night. Not every night, but there is a lot of nighttime construction!

    I-35 in Texas, as you know, is heavily traveled by truck drivers...some of our estimates show upwards of 40% of traffic on this highway during this time is truck traffic. Coming up on a full lane closure can pose a safety hazard and we're just trying to get the word out to where the truckers are. At this time, we don't have billboards available so I'm seeking any avenue I can to get the word out. I don't want to break forum rules if this would not be allowed. I'm posting the following information so that you can be better informed and plan your route. In a month or so, I will follow up with a link to a survey asking if the information was/is valuable to you. Thank you for your consideration and I hope you find this information useful.

    My35 Central Texas Traveler Information Resources

    My35.org is the hub for information resources you can access to both plan your trip and stay aware of any incidents that might occur on I-35.

    • DriveTexas.org: Your #1 resource for planning your route wherever you’re driving in Texas.
    • Real-time project map provides speeds, lane closures, traffic delays, travel times, and incidents.
    • Alternate routes: Given the heavy traffic that floods I-35 during the holidays, you might consider taking an alternate route to your destination. | View Alternate Routes

    TxDOT twitter feeds: giving you both general and specific information (your choice) about travel conditions on I-35.

    • @My35TravelTimes: keeps you apprised of travel delays in the Central Texas section of I-35. Traffic delays of 5 minutes or more are tweeted to subscribers every fifteen minutes, as long as that delay lasts.
    • @TxDOTWacoPIO: provides general updates of what TxDOT is doing in and for the Waco District, with special emphasis on I-35 conditions.
    • @I35Travel: sends information regarding the entire length of I-35 within Texas.

    Email alerts: Sign up for regular updates on I-35 construction.

  2. Thanks bigbird42368! I hope you all find this useful information! Let us know what other traffic updates are helpful. Would dispatchers find this type of information useful?
  3. pro1driver

    pro1driver I am LOST

    some may, some couldn't give a flip.

    it's just too bad that things being the way they are, that this sort of information was not available back in my earlier years.

    back then, we had to rely on smoke signals and the pony express to inform us.

    my first "cell phone" was a homing pigeon..~~!!!~~~

    i do not travel the U.S.A. like i once did, when Lewis and Clark were my traveling companions, and since they didn't bathe all that much, i had to try to stay far, far behind them..

    but, i am sure that today's more "electronically advanced" truckers will appreciate what you are doing, so for them i say...thank you, and keep it up, and sooner or later (as running times, and rest times are different for every trucker), those drivers will "chime in" with more requests for you...!!

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