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    And old friend who had been here long before me and often told me that You could trust Glenn Brown, But never ever trust Herb. Well he has since passed away and gone, but his advice has proved true.
    Herb had his BIG DRIVERS FORUM and the question he ask drivers to VOTE on was if they was willing to lower the speed on trucks to 65mph if in exchange for bigger trucks?
    Well he got his teams and he got his 65 mph trucks and what did the old single drivers get?
    ZIP, Nothing!
    Of the top 50 seniority drivers at CWTL 30 are out of Joplin and they can't even get a dedicated run. And if they are single runners they can't even have one of the New Bigger trucks cause they are all ear marked for their precious TEAMS that Herb wanted so badly!
    Now all this doesn't really tick me off as much as some.
    But what I think is this!
    When a company demands HONESTY from their employee's then don't they have some obligation to show Honesty in return?
    If you put a spin on the truth to make something sound better then it really is and you know that the listener comes away with the wrong impression, Then you are STILL a lier and being dishonest! So you have NO RIGHT to judge your employee's by a different standard!
    This country and this company is in trouble!
    Dishonesty is like a cancer, it starts small but will grow till it consumes the whole.
    Drivers we need to be more honest with each other and with the company! And I challenge the Company to do the same before it's to late.
    It's starts with you as an individual! Let's all try and put the word integrity back in our lives and in our company!
    And NOT just a silly made-up slogan on some wall that only wants to make people laugh and sneer.
    Herb YOU ARE THE LEADER it is up to YOU to set the tone!
    Say what you mean and mean what you say!
    You'll sleep better at night and look back in the end with a lot more pride!
    Drivers YOU need to quit whining!
    YOU are your own boss! It was you who picked the job you choose and agreed to the price you'd do it for!
    Now you cry about it and blame the company!
    Like and dislike has nothing to do with anything, When you take a man's money to do a job then do the job and to give less then your best only makes you a thief and a lier!
    Companies and Customers are not here to service YOU, You are here to service them and if you don't like that then start your own business and see if they will service you!
    Sorry children I didn't make the world's rules, I just learned to understand them and live in it!
    NOW what are YOU going to do?
    Grow-up and be an adult, take responsibility for your decisions and actions or just piss and moan then blame someone else like children?
    The choice is yours!
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    welcome to CON-way!!! i drive for the freight side and mgmt.has no integrity and have proven that fact.treat someone as you want to be treated!!:1036316054:
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    What really baffles me is trying to figure out what economic model they are using?
    They wanted to increase the fleet numbers from 2300 trucks to 2600.
    Now the avg. miles WHERE 10,000 miles per month when they started.
    This last month the fleet avg. was a lousy 8,000 miles per driver.
    With the increase of 300 trucks that take at lest 1,200 miles a month away from existing drivers per month,
    How do you justify that increase of equipment?
    I guess it's OK to have 2600 broke drivers then it is to have 2300 that are making a SO-SO living.:chairshot:
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    Back to that integrity issue you brought up in your 1st post..............
    ..........Oh, never mind.
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    Any company that has an integrity policy has none. If you have integrity you don't need to tell anyone they already know.

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