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Is Maverick legit?

Discussion in 'Maverick Transportation' started by WuuWuu, Jul 19, 2014.

  1. WuuWuu

    WuuWuu New Member

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    I plan to get back into trucking after a seven year hiatus and am strongly considering Maverick.. I've never driven for them, nor do I have any friends that can give a personal testimony about the company. Everything I see about them online says GTG but I have not had the privilege of speaking to someone that actually drives or has driven for them. If I were young and had nothing to lose, I would just take the gamble and jump right in but things aren't so simple. I have been without my CDL for several years now so I fall outside of the parameters required by most trucking companies to gain employment. Maverick claims that they will take me anyway and without having to go to a ripoff school like DDA, CTC, etc.. They say that if I want to get my CDL on my own, they will take me afterwards and train me just like the rest of the guys that are coming from said schools. Sounds great, right? Well, is this true, or are they like CR England and the rest of the government grant farms that just bring you in long enough to get a check and then send you back home, telling you that you're just not Maverick material? Everything I read about them says that they are a honest organization but I am not in a position to make the gamble being that I'm basically pissing away a $70k a year and home every night/weekend career when I go back into trucking. I don't mind throwing this career away though, as it is not what I want to do with my life, I just don't want to throw it away on a false promise.
  2. Cerberus_Kelpie

    Cerberus_Kelpie Well-Known Member

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    GREETINGS WuuWuu and WELCOME to TruckingBoards,

    Are you interested in pulling Reefers?
    Maverick has expanded their service to go beyond Skateboards (Flatbed).
    They now promote and pull Dry Vans and Reefers.
    Most likely NO CHOICE in Trailer as LOADS may well define Trailer needed and they are most likely FORCED DISPATCH so refusing loads will only get you beating your feet to home and OWING any money for the Company Driver Training.
    Most Companies that offer Driver Training, you will need to remain with such Company for about 1 year if not a wee bit longer.

    You LIKE Tarps? They usually weigh a mere 125-150 pounds for the average/standard size and each Skateboard (Flatbed) usually has a minimum of 2.
    You will need to BUY straps. Chains and Binders are usually kept in the Trailer side box(es) or hanging from the Headache Rack (Chromed wall on the front of Trailers or attached to the rear area of Sleeper).

    Since you seem to believe that 70K a year AND being home based is worse than Truck driving, well, go ahead with signing on to Maverick.
    You could do far worse than Maverick and if you live near Little Rock, Arkansas, you'll be better off and you can bury the 70K a year as you will not EVER get anywhere near that amount unless, possibly, in a UNION gig, which is NOT Maverick (of that I am aware) and NO ONE makes anywhere near 70K in their first year except, maybe, with a massive amount of experience as well a impeccable Safety Record.

    There are MANY false promises in Trucking and they begin with recruiters.
    Recruiters are PAID TO LIE and they will tell you what you want to hear, then when you get all signed on you will discover the TRUTHS.
    You may well discover the TRUTHS in Orientation therein saving you future headaches and aggravations.
    NOT EVERY APPLICANT IS ACCEPTED AT EVERY COMPANY and applicants usually discover this during or after Orientation.

    Good Luck.


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