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Discussion in 'ABF Freight System' started by vongrimmenstein, Oct 2, 2016.

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    All I have to say to the Truckingboards staff is keep doing what you are doing... It won't be long and you won't have any members left to moderate.

    What is going on now is a perfect example of the demise of trucknet.com. One sided moderation & the owner of the web site not stepping in for whatever reason to resolve the issue. Traffic on the web site went south & now it is truck net who? It is a loss for the owner of the site & the many members of the trucking community. Most of my posts over the years have been about information, leads or links to websites with good info & keeping it light or making fun of myself. This industry from the office to where the rubber meets the road is hard. It is difficult enough without the bickering between us. I think ABFer needs to step aside for a short time and reflect. Then return with a more open mind of give & take. Alienating people is not the answer. I don’t know what the answer is to prevent the further deterioration of this website. I do know I have spent less time on TB because of the (I can’t get along problem). I come to these web sites for what I hope is the best information in this industry. Getting this info from the people who live it every day is priceless. Having to sort thru the crap to get there is now a job not an adventure. I hope all the parties can resolve the issue. I want an adventure not a job. I am posting my comments on Old School Teamsters & Trucking Boards. Von.
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    This issue is done, resolved and should be left go into the history books. I'll summarize what has happened here. BTW I was a moderator for a short time at Docker's and Mulers site back when they first started it. Docker's behavior drove me off, never to return.

    Docker was last seen here (under that name) on Feb 6, 2014. He resurfaced as nounionfool on April 19, 2015 and quickly earned his reputation and was a fairly sure bet to be Docker. Subsequent information that was obtained confirmed his identity.

    Early in September, 2016 Docker was being a problem and people were complaining about him and heated arguments ensued in the CSPF forum (he is not even in CSPF). I deleted the garbage and left notice that any ANY person who argued about it would get 30 days. Docker went nuts and had to prove himself better and got 30 days on September 12 (that still remains posted over there to this day). Then on September 16 Muler starts his 'Where's Docker?" thread. Muler and Docker probably talk on a daily basis. Keep in mind that Docker hadn't posted since Feb 6, 2014. Muler wasn't looking for Docker, he was looking for trouble. That thread got put to sleep and then he starts his "Censorship" thread falsely accusing TB of censoring Docker's posts. This type of behavior will not be taken lightly. Then the rest of the Docker/Muler administration followed suit in support of Muler's postings. Muler made more false statements and I call him out on them so he PM'd me. Pursuant to his activities in PM he got banned but not before being told that he would be banned if he did it again.

    Since all of Muler's proponents are/were his site administrators the decision was made to notify them in PM to knock it off. Truxforever was the only one who decided that he would rather be banned. He was forewarned.

    Docker's and Muler's administrators were here looking for trouble. Think about that for a minute. The whole matter was discussed amongst the mods and Docker, Muler and truxforever are banned and this will be a better place for it. I have received more PM's supporting what we had to do than Docker and Muler had administrators assisting them. I would be ashamed of myself when I woke up in the morning after acting like they did but I do not believe that they are in the least bit.

    We do work to be the best place to get accurate information in the industry and are very much aware of the distractions caused by arguing, bickering and belittling of other posters. This is not something that we wanted to do, it was something that we had to do.
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