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Discussion in 'ABF Freight System' started by Abfrocks, Jan 11, 2018.

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    I’m just wondering if all the guys that voted yes for a shitty contract last time as they were getting ready to retire and basically said :shit: on future teamsters are wishing they wouldn’t have vote yes on last contract. Especially since now they ain’t gonna get a pension or it’s gonna be greatly reduced. Karma is a bitch!!!!’
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    Don't forget the bunch of us who, prior to retiring,.. voted "NO",....and encouraged others to vote "NO",..........because the language would hurt future Teamsters...(...seniority, UE jurisdiction crossing, expansion of PT...)......

    And are still under the threat of having our pension cut by 20% - 40%......

    By the way,.....Even though I retired, I am still active with some of the political aspects of my Local , in an official capacity. Many other retirees are still actively supporting the Teamsters......

    If you believe in something your entire life,....you don't completely walk away from it when you retire.

    And,.....yes,...I'll agree with you that in every contract, there is always a group of guys who vote their own personal interests and short-term "gains",......over the long-term survival of the integrity of our contract. Hopefully, that's a small group.......
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