Line haul pay shortage

Discussion in 'Standard Forwarding' started by STDF.MSP.honestlogs, Mar 24, 2015.

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    When I started working here, I was warned to watch mileage and on the clock time that was supervisor approved for pay shortages. The lady in payroll must think it is her money as often as drivers are shorted earned pay.
    Now management wants in on the act. The new BLO bids have been posted as paying fewer miles for the same runs.
    Interesting way to be the employer of choice. Picking the pocket of men who sometimes pull out of service trailers brought to a meet point. Who sometimes are creative with their log to "get the job done".
    Nothing like being appreciated for "helping out the company".
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    Hi, I am a Holland driver, two of my best buddies run for Standard Forwarding out of Oshkosh. They are city drivers and I can appreciate why they don't want to give up seniority and vacation for a relatively small raise to come over to Holland and work the city. But for road drivers, unless I am mistaken the raise would be huge to come over? Once you have your three years in the guys are making 75-90k after the fifteen percent. If your road drivers are making that kind of money then I can appreciate staying, but if not come over and apply. We are hiring everywhere, never have any changes in mileage or problems getting paid the correct amount and we don't have to run around any tolls because the company is too cheap to pay them. Think about it!
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    Lots of money on the road at Holland.

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