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    The new 103 door service center will begin operations tomorrow. Drivers will be starting out from CWS and DES, and will be ending their day at MGI. This makes 4 service centers in the greater Chicago area.
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  2. I've been to the MGI terminal once. Very nice. I talked to a MGI driver the other night he said they are at 60% they are hiring to get to 100. Good opportunity if you live in the area.
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    Does anybody know what kind of runs a newbie would get out of Montgomery? Would it be home everyday or run wild? Thanks for any replies. Also how long does it take to get health insurance?
  4. Insurance takes 60 from your 1st day. I do know they run to Indy, Chicago, and Wisconsin. You should be home every day unless they hire you to run wild most likely home every day.
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  5. I started at OD not to long ago on Linehaul. I would say I average 11-12 hours, sometimes longer runs to 1 terminal other times 2-3 terminals in a night.
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    Are you out Of Milwaukee?
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