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    Okay so here it is the middle of the week already I'm about ready to go to work. Easier day today although it was one of those stupid things where all kinds of dumb crap was in my way. I had help today not because my load was very heavy or anything like that, but we had a spare guy out in my route territory and he met me at my first stop and he's actually a former manager and can he build wheeler stacks make me look like kindergarten. Anyhow between the two of us we had it knocked out 14 stops before noon. It was 11:40am and I was on the way back in. Even on my own though I probably would have been back in by 13:00 or on the way at least.

    Anyhow got back in did some talking to one of the ATMs we were joking around mostly about some of the goofy things that our company does nothing real earth shattering or bad, you guys know how every company has ship it from A to B, but send it through C-D-E & F first, well were no exception to that and it's seems that our friends over on the Con-Way XPO board experience that on a daily basis.

    Anyhow middle of the week and yesterday I went to bed last night I was talking to my friend on the phone I run a small town car business kind of outside of my normal job well actually my friend does most of the work I just kind of do some nuts and bolts background stuff anyhow I went to bed late last night really didn't get cleaned up to well got up early and ran to work got home had something to eat had to run an errand and then watched Jamie Davis Towing on Netflix before getting tired and took a 3 hour nap and then got up and took a shower and now it's 9:00pm at night and I've got to go to work tomorrow.

    Come may which well anymore isn't super far away I've got a week of vacation. I haven't had a week of vacation in 2 years. I had 1 day off last year at GFS that's it. Pretty much I came out of the gate into this full steam ahead notch 8. I think a weeks break would be good though.

    Been running hard really for a while now it's been good though I'm pretty motivated right now to make money and that's exactly what's been happening. Which is good I usually try to budget my money I was able to save all of last weeks paycheck. This week I'll be able to save a good chuck, but I have to get my income taxes done and stupid expenses this month, I had to buy new printer ink and other dumb stuff. The problem is I'll go in cycles where I don't spend any money for a while, but then that only can last so long, you can only go so long with out spending money and right now I'm in a mental save mode, but life has me in a spend mode, because stuff only last so long before it's depleted and you need to buy a new one or what ever. I'm sitting here wondering where my money went, but not totally $1,600 went to my car earlier this month.

    See that's what I mean now next month hopefully that's $1,600 that stays in the bank. What happened was I got caught in a life spending cycle early this year. For single people like me life is like that you have these weird save and spend cycles. You can go for a minute without spending, but that only lasts so long and it just turns out the begining of this year was a spend cycle. Truck needed new tires, insurance on cars needed to be paid, needed new glasses and medical card that comes along with getting new glasses all of that stuff costs a lot of money, but those are also things that will hold for sometime too, Truck Tires should be good for the next couple of years on that, same with glasses that's $2,000 right there.

    You guys know what I'm talking about how life can get you into spending and saving cycles?
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