My friend from Schneider les fultz aka flash

Discussion in 'Remembering Our Friends' started by arkbestman, Aug 23, 2012.

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    I know you are reading this from heaven the time we spent together working at Schneider on Honda and gm were some of the best days I spent in trucking you were always there when anybody needed anything with a sure thing buddy and a smile yesterday was a hard day for those who loved you and knew you I've always heard that you can tell how much a man was loved and respected by how many people come to pay there respects well brother the place was packed so I know it's true !! You raised two great kids I know how much you loved them and how proud you were of them they always came up when we talked I'm sorry we were not as close the past few years when I left to work for ABF in 06 lots of people will look after Nancy she has many friends and loved ones who will help her thru this I will talk and see you soon bubba your friend brad LOVE YOU always
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    Sorry to hear of your friends passing. I pray that he has been granted eternal happiness. YOUR BROTHER ALWAYS!
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    I'm sorry for your loss Brad, Les sounds like a very good man, I'm sure that the world is not as good for losing him, I pray for you to get through this.

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