My Take On This (Watch Your Toes)

Discussion in 'Central States Pension Fund Discussion' started by Kennesaw Kid, May 22, 2016.

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    Here is MY PERSONAL take on this (Watch Your Toes)

    In all the meeting and phone calls to Feinberg, the key statement was NO CUTS!

    After all was said and done, we all got just that. There are those calling for investigations as to what caused all this. I too find it hard to believe that the Federal Government back in the 1980s put CSPF under THEIR control and appointed several investment firms to watch over it, BUT, in the last 34 years not one time have these firms been audited or checked on by the Federal government that appointed them!

    We have won the battle. Tom Nyhan could not fight a bunch of pissed off retirees who organized themselves way before the IBT got involved in an election year.

    Brothers & Sisters, YOU started this movement and had the meetings on your own, you made the phone calls and dealed with the stress, and in many cases still have not received help from your locals, even though the IBT directed them to do so.

    Now we are being told the money will run out in 10-12 years. The federal Government knows of the impact to the economies of each state if this was allowed to happen.

    Here comes the scare tactics again, do not let them get in your head! Support the efforts of Karen and We aint backing down!

    Many things that we are not privileged to know of right now ARE being considered, and are in the works. Stay in contact with your congressional representatives and do just what you have been doing to have the cuts stopped in the first place…..Its still the same gun being used, you just have to take time to reload!....Thanks....KK
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    Kennesaw, the end game for Karen, AARP and Bernie Sanders and COMPANY is a National Pension and a Single Payer health care system. The privileged things you aren't privy to is how they hope to use 400.000 jilted teamsters to further their goal. Bailing out CSPF is not on their agenda. So if you want all Americans to have a better retirement and guaranteed healthcare lets get on board. Remember K.K. with your better than average social security and 110% of PBGC CSPF you are still way ahead of John Q. Public. For that reason alone you should know you are not getting a pension bailout.
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    It is really great for the present retirees that the rescue plan was rejected. But I really think that this celebration will be short lived for many us who have 15-20 years to work.

    Yes, we can say the government put investment firms in place to watch over cspf and there for are responsible,but to really expect some kind of investigation at this point is highly unlikely.

    I really don't believe that cspf is using scare tactics when they state that the fund will be out of money in 10 years or less. Are they just saying this because they want to maliciously reduce the pensions of Central States members , I think not. As someone with many more years left to work, I would much rather they error on the side of caution and state the uncomfortable truth of the health of the fund.

    I pray you are right that there is a bigger plan being worked on behind closed doors, but do we really have any evidence of this or is just wishful thinking? Maybe there is some plan to shore up the pbgc, but the hope for direct bailout of Central States is really a huge reach.
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