Need Help For My Parents / Jevic Info

Discussion in 'Jevic Transportation' started by StaceyPope1, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. StaceyPope1

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    Can anyone help me? My parents are trying to sign up with a new trucking Co and can't because this trucking co they are trying to get a job through can't verify there Dac report and drug test report through Jevic.
    Does anyone know how to contact Jevic or someone to get them the info they need?

    Thanks, I really appercaite because they need a job.

    JMBCMP New Member


    Check their mail Jevic sent out post employment forms to all drivers which has all this information on it.:1036316054:
  3. TAH

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    w 2 forms should help verify employment
  4. You could try any reputable company should have access to the dac reports. Whats there is there. Theres no such thing as verifying it! Companies can write what ever they want on them! Theres no standard for them!!
  5. StaceyPope1

    StaceyPope1 New Member

    Thank you very much for your quick responses.They were looking to get on at Us xpress but apparently they are giving them a hard time about their past work references with JEVIC,don't understand it the way my parents stayed out OTR.


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