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Discussion in 'Benton Express' started by aboveall, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. aboveall

    aboveall New Member

    Benny shut down savannah without giving those people any notice, what a guy

    MONTANANY Member

    So what are you saying? They just closed a terminal or are closing? One to watch since Ward Trucking partners with them.
  3. aboveall

    aboveall New Member

    they did close sav
  4. DMT

    DMT Well-Known Member

    Benton will service savannah out of jacksonville using high fuel prices as an excuse from what i have read. the building will be taken over by OD.
  5. ojo

    ojo New Member

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  6. madcletus

    madcletus New Member

    Benton Closed their terminal in Athens a year or more. They sat next to the Big E terminal. Are they closing or what?:shades:
  7. spaceace

    spaceace Member

    upsf city driver left out of our charlotte term now he's a sales rep for benton.best of luck to him
  8. FX Sam

    FX Sam Member

    I heard Ocala is closed also
  9. fxfr8man

    fxfr8man Member

    that was a stupid move:popcorn:
  10. aboveall

    aboveall New Member

    Ocala fl. Gone now.
  11. supahtrucka26

    supahtrucka26 Member

    a driver in atl told me they let go all the office help, is that true?
  12. spaceace

    spaceace Member

    IF that's true then Benton is on its way out..that's my opinion
  13. mytruckin

    mytruckin New Member

    So what's up with the Bentons Nashville terminal. TM fired? Sales Rep fired?
  14. eddielionhead

    eddielionhead New Member

    good jobs

    sorry to here about job loose
  15. laidoffbenton

    laidoffbenton New Member

    New to this site Benton's Wilmington NC(Shallotte) terminal was shut down January 15.
  16. laidoffbenton

    laidoffbenton New Member

    I worked at the Wilmington NC terminal and it was closed Jan. 15
  17. Trucker_18a

    Trucker_18a Junior Suicide Navigator

    If Benton has gone the way of the DoDo bird, there's an old saying:
    "When Atlanta catches a cold, the South catches pneumonia".

    Benton serviced every industrial park in Atlanta, any Shipping Management person knew this. Is was our 'Out Card' when we argued over Rates.

    If Benton is gone, there's no viable industrial parks in Atlanta, and I am fully aware of Banker's Circle going belly up as well as Boggs Road. FIB has been in the pits for such a long time giving directions has turned boreing.

    Jimmy Carter Industrial Park is nearly totally vacant.

    May not make CNN Headline News, but this is another bang on the Death knell, and I heard it loudly.

    Is my butt showing?
  18. spaceace

    spaceace Member

    Benton isn't out of business.
  19. FX Sam

    FX Sam Member

    The poster did not read is all. They just closed a few terminals. Times are tuff for us all right now. I still see Benton on the road.
  20. Trucker_18a

    Trucker_18a Junior Suicide Navigator

    :butt kiss:

    I know when I'm an innocent human being and I've lost my mind.

    I just can't find the right hole to put it in!

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