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    I'm sure by now we've all all heard of the new padlocks that they will be purchasing, they are supposed to be approved by the national security council. If I'm not mistaken that is the same national security council that said after 9-11 that we should all buy plastic and duct tape to protect ourselves in case of chemical warfare. Just wondered what everyone thought about the 1 assigned key per driver theory. An unbreakable key I might add.I thought the timing was just right for a good reason to not give us a descent raise again this year. How much do you suppose it will cost company-wide to buy all new padlocks ? Even the west coast trailers are supposed to get them from what I've been told.
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    I have always heard that the chain is only as strong as it's weakest link, right? Anyone with a pair of tin snips, or an axe can get into a trailer made these days.. Why try to cut the lock?

    Also, I would say if Bin Osama Hussein or any other person with an AK-47 wanted the key, the driver might hand it over.
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    An AK-47. Damn I would give him the key and teach him how to drive the truck. I am
    allergic to lead.:duck:

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