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Discussion in 'Jevic Transportation' started by imported_skullduggery, May 20, 2008.

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    Not one word in the local paper out here- nothing in support of all the great men and women who lost their jobs. Way to go Worcester Telegram. You suck.
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    Nothing here about the Charlotte/Concord J3 terminal shutting down.....
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    Well, looks like this answers all our questions about our vacation pay and personal days. WE ARE F...ED. They are totally broke. Man, I thought I has money problems. GEESH!!:Violin::Violin:
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    Do the bankruptcy courts take in to consideration what employees are owed?
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    I doubt they're broke..owned by Sun Capital.. SCS.. Jevic Holding.. Sun Capital Securities..Sun Securities..Sun Advisors..SCSF Equities LLc..Sun Offshore Fund..the list is endless.
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    You got that right Officegeek.Sun Cap is the one in the crosshairs of lawsuits.:chairshot: Also some rumors about possible individual suits against D.G. and his inner circle.:toxicMaybe if they had just played by the rules and just done the right thing both sides would have walked away better off.:smilie_132:

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