R.I.P. Chris Haman

Discussion in 'Remembering Our Friends' started by landpilot1964, Dec 9, 2008.

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    Chris Haman AKA Corky Corkellssonn.
    some of you west coast Vikings and fed ex guys might remember him.
    cork ran out of westbay for years starting local,combo,line.
    he started at reddaway after that.
    the last 6 years we ran to carlin,nv from our repective yards.
    he is survived by his wife and 2 boys.
    some of you may know a dude that NOBODY has a bad word to say about, well he was one.just proves the good die young and pricks live forever!!!!!
    its alot lonelier out in the night without cork to call and bs with i miss him alot he was one of my best friends.
    his wife is stuck with medical bills and there is a memorial fund at B of A. any $ would help he had leukimia and was fighting it for 3 months.
    RIP cork and i hope your right about it being "cool" over on the other side.he came back to his wife one night and thats the vibe she got from it.his dog sat up in bed like daddys home and thats why his wife knows it wasnt a dream oh and the smell of the cologne he used to wear.
    long live the tres webels!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Stan Smith

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    Sorry for the loss...

    I'm sorry to hear about your loss and that is a very touching story about coming back to see his wife too. Finally, I'll be praying for you all in these trying times...

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    Unfortunately you are right about the good dieing young and my wife's family all live into their 90s. Rest in peace brother trucker and may The Good Lord Bless him-Amen.
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    R.I.P....No More Pain....

    Sorry for your Loss Corkellssonn...My prayer's are their for your loss of a good friend and Chis Haman and his family and all that knew him,He;s in God's House Now at peace.

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