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Discussion in 'Standard Forwarding' started by phantom_309, Mar 4, 2015.

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    A strong 710 is good for us all. I hope your line haul men will help get the word out about this message board. Al Toliver is out in the system doing a fine imitation of John Ward saying we are not making money. The same song and dance as every contract. How can UPS Freight pay .68 mile and $27.15 hr plus benefits and make money? DHL takes their profit first. What money is left is what Standard Forwarding division has to show a profit. Back in 2010 before DHL Tim Conrad was giddy STDF was operating at .88. Making 12 cents for every dollar of income. All coming out of Teamster pockets from our wage-benefit concession. we have several men who will jump ship if we get a substandard contract. If we lose these men there will be more overtime for all Right now is a good time to move on. There are much better paying jobs everywhere. Stay strong let the others know a no vote will not get us locked out.
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    Funny how in contract years the company is never making monies if they are hurting like they say they are then maybe DHL should clean house in East Moline after all they brought them to bankruptcy 5 years ago and here we are not making money again???? Time to find new management,, just sayin.

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