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    My Meatloaf:

    Start by drying out 4 slices of bread the night b-4...

    Take around 2lbs of ground beef in a big bowl, after you do that break up the stale bread from the night b-4 in a bowl and pour milk all over it and let it soak, we will get back to that later.

    To the beef add around a quarter cup of ketchup, about 5 shakes of worchestersire sauce, a bunch of garlic powder to taste and several grinds of pepper, cut up and dice a large onion and mix it up, after that take the milk soaked bread and put it in the mixture, squeezing out the excess milk, when I say mix I mean mix, squeeze it through your fingers, you won't hurt it and it will get mixed up nice.

    Make it into a loaf, I make mine in an 8x8 glass pan and loaf it almost the whole pan, leaving about 1/4 inch around clear.


    Mix ketchup a splash of prepared mustard and brown sugar, put lots of sugar in there and make it sweet, top the raw meatloaf with the sauce, bake at 350 degrees for around 1.5 hrs.

    Every so often, take the loaf out and suck out the fat that the meat gives off with a turkey baster, thats what I use.

    This meatloaf will please even those that don't like meatloaf, its super moist, the secret is the dried bread soaked in milk...forget the egg and breadcrumbs...the topping makes it really sweet and thats most peoples favorite part.

    This recepie was given to me by a lady that owned a diner in Harrisonville MO, I hated meatloaf and she talked me in to trying hers, I was hooked, it makes great cold meatloaf sandwiches the next day!

    I like to eat mine with some mac and cheese and a little bid of horseradish sauce.

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