Reform supporters needed for petition gathering, and convention delegate elections

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    Us rank and file Teamsters don't get much honest, informative information from Teamsters headquarters in Washington, D.C. That goes for, the TEAMSTER ragazine, and from the Hofficers personally. Although we do get a lot of photos of Hoffa.

    I'll give you my opinion on where to get solid information on issues of concern to Teamsters. That's Teamsters for a Democratic Union, also known as TDU. Via, their paper newsletter Teamster Voice, and from their employees personally, they have helped and continue to help Teamster members.

    They usually don't issues Teamster Voice's in pdf form. But apparently to mark the start of the new International officer election cycle, the brand new Voice is in pdf form, and is here:

    I ask you to read the file and to save it and email it to members who agree that we need change at the top in this Union.

    Reform supporters are going to be needed to help gather petition signatures in June, July, and August from Teamsters, so that the Tim Sylvester slate can become accredited candidates, and so that the slate will be eligible to get a membership list of all Teamsters.

    Finally, the reform slate needs Teamsters to run for positions as convention delegates to the Teamsters convention. That convention is 13 months from now, but delegate elections will happen mostly in January, February, and March of next year. If you will have paid at least 24 months of dues on time as of your Local's nominating meeting, and you haven't been suspended in that time, you can run for delegate or alternate delegate.

    Here is information about running for delegate:

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