Rumor about pay after 30 days!

Discussion in 'Holland' started by Hoodock, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. ABFer

    ABFer Well-Known Member

    It is good that you are happy, congratulations on it. I don't think I would be though under the circumstances there, hell, I'm borderline miserable with what I have!
    I hope you'll at least be speaking English, it is a second language at the truck stops today.
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  2. budah

    budah New Member

    They sold the logistics and moved to a mega warehouse. I don't know who hails it now
  3. budah

    budah New Member

    The truth is you quit and now can't move past it. Sorry but that makes you a little bitch
  4. Northern Flash

    Northern Flash COMMON SENSE IS THE CURE.

    It sounds like the truth is too much for you to handle. That's your problem not mine. Grow up cup cake.
    I left because I had the opportunity to stop the :2437:that the company and the union was giving us. Some people are willing to take the screwing, I wasn't.

    Leaving actually makes me "a little bitch" that walks the walk and not just talks the talk.
    Now go back to your safe space where everyone agrees with you.(that's not on here)
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  5. budah

    budah New Member

    Leaving don't. The crying does.
  6. Northern Flash

    Northern Flash COMMON SENSE IS THE CURE.

    No crying here. Just facts. You seem to be crying because you can't handle them.
    Get back with me when you've been there as long as many of us have been there.
    Most guys are just stuck there for various reasons. It sounds like you choose to go there. it must be a step up from your former J.B. Hunt job.
  7. budah

    budah New Member

    Ok I'm done with you. But being you are X Holland and X teamster. How is being who ever you work for different than a JB driver. I will never insult a man because of his choice to provide for his family. Maybe you should look in a mirror. Anyway enjoy your new job until you don't then you can bitch about how they did you wrong too.
  8. Northern Flash

    Northern Flash COMMON SENSE IS THE CURE.

    So far you have added zero substance to any conversation, you've only added insults and name calling. I've dealt with hundreds of people like you over the years on here, so in other words, your false accusations mean nothing to me.
    I'm glad you are "done with me" since you've added nothing of substance.
    Put me on your ignore list, that would be my recommendation.
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  9. Northern Flash

    Northern Flash COMMON SENSE IS THE CURE.

    Another false assumption. I despise YRCW for what they did to Holland, and have very little use for the union since they went along with it. I have absolutely no issues with the Holland or YRC drivers since they are just pawns in the game of business, just like I was.
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  10. Toby

    Toby Well-Known Member

    Flash, I look at it differently. You had made a similar decision that I have. To have the fact that you see a company that is absolutely run into the ground that only continues to take and take from those who once knew that you worked at a place that was the elite outfit to work for.

    A place that caters to those who actually do a less than stellar job, while at the same time pound those they know who will actually perform. A Union for all sense and purpose is nothing really more than an extension of the company. (Yes when you have your Union officers saying it's what the company wants so deal with it) it becomes an extension of the company since it knows its revenue stream would cease to exist if this place goes down(YRCW).. (freight division)

    It comes down to personal pride and dignity. Sure it's still a decent dead end job that has decent benefits for the moment. But what happens in 19' when they come back and ask for employee contributions to the H&W fund?

    In reality we have all been paying for it with the giveback already, but will they match the Non's payscale to counter? I highly doubt that!

    Besides the limited 16',17',and now 18' freightliners that go to linehaul, the average age of city units are 14 years and older that are beat up and wore out. Many of the trailers are even older. Sure you can visually inspect them, but where do they sit structurally after all the miles and weight placed on them. The strerlings should have been retired 8 or more years ago and are junk.

    So when someone fairly new 15 yrs or less with this company sits and berates someone who actually knew Holland PRIDE and dignity and have decided to move on because they actually knew what this place once was has little standing really. That person never knew to start with! Never walked the walk or talked the talk of an actual HOLLAND employee.

    They came in on the downhill slide to start with and really don't know the punch to the guy hat some guys (those guys who complain the most including myself) truly have endured. Calling a person a troll or using expletives directed at a person that has actually walked that walk and kept the doors open so that you currently are able to work at the place and sacrificed more than you ever did, but chose to move on is kind of like those guys I mentioned on another thread about after finding out a guy is going to be on disability due to an injury on the job. All they were concerned about was that they would move up a spot.. it's the ME mentality that destroyed the Union and destroyed this company when the vote of 09' took place. And what I see from the newer guys really!

    You Flash have dignity in your worth. Holland no longer values that, they once did and many of the newer guys would have never made it past their 30.. so Buddha go on and hate and make comments like you did, but Dude, you really have no clue and Flash has every right to comment on this forum as you do.
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  11. Toby

    Toby Well-Known Member

    And Budah, Flash and so many others are pointing out the truth of the matter about the state of affairs at Holland. I am sure you see it as well.
  12. Toby

    Toby Well-Known Member

    I am going to even expand on this a bit. Flash has been a member of the TruckingBoards community for over 10 years, both on the old format and the new. He has been one of the only steady contributors to the Holland Forum in that time and to use the expletive of calling someone a "Bitch" because you disagree with him or saying he or I are trolls or snowflakes only goes to show that this particular person is projecting upon others something they may be themselves. I do not know that for sure as I do not know this person personally and he is to wet behind the ears on this forum to really get a full gauge of the personality trait.

    One thing is for certain Flash, myself and others have seen folks like this come and go. We have spent the time (wasted) debating many more qualified members here and in the politics page. Throughout even the most heated disagreements and debates there was a certain decorum that everyone including those debating understood! You do not have to start using expletives to prove your point, or say that you do not belong or have the right to post. It is a shortcoming of the current times we are in that you have to go that route! Trust me I have probably been in some of the most heated disagreements and debates on this forum and in all that time even if I dissagree with you I would never deny your right to post.

    In many ways this poster is saying because Flash left Holland he has no right to comment or contribute to this forum.. does this also hold true for those who retired?
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  13. 1FastVette

    1FastVette Member


    Just got off the phone talking with a friend. Of mine he is B.A out of Ohio. They just had a meeting from I.B.T saying to all locals.
    That are effected by this wage increase. To step back and all the terminals will be going to full scale anytime now.

    Remember only the terminals on the original list granted the wage increase. Will be going to stop scale.. Good I am about to hire on. Deciding on either YRC or Holland?
  14. the5tolls

    the5tolls Pay the rate or lock the gate

    Happy Labor Day Bitches! Anybody else working tonight? I still don't believe they will go to one hundred percent at all the terminals but I only base that on my opinion nothing else. Anybody have any input on those e-logs? I know a bunch of city guys are using them now. I am guessing road guys in the next month or two? What about tractors, I am hearing rumors that guys have spotted a couple in a yard here or there but nothing definite. If anybody does see any new tractors make sure you check if they have tag axles or twin screws, I have been hearing rumors that after all these years they are finally going back to twin screws? That's all I have for today, you bitches have a Great Day and if your out tonight I'll wave at you when I am headed south about eight pm! 10-4 over and out
  15. vongrimmenstein

    vongrimmenstein Well-Known Member

    Forgive me, but just what was the subject? von.
  16. vongrimmenstein

    vongrimmenstein Well-Known Member

    If we are the bitches, does that make you the Puppet Master? von.
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  17. seabreeze

    seabreeze Not Well Known Member, 60 Year Teamster Member

    Huh, What subject was that?
  18. Northern Flash

    Northern Flash COMMON SENSE IS THE CURE.

    I sure did. Cha-ching.

    They haven't really been that big of deal for myself. I do occasionally have to "have a sharp pencil" to make things works though. Your lunch (30 minutes) can work to your advantage once you figure out a few tricks while doing stuff like dropping and hooking. You get the full 8 hours to squeeze your lunch period in.(30 minutes) Got to start lunch by 7:59 or go into violation. Not a real problem usually though. And if you go over 14 hours, you get a nastygram from Corporate to sign off on, because it supposedly gets sent to the DOT.
    Shoot......way off topic......again.
  19. Toby

    Toby Well-Known Member

    The ones they are implementing at Holland have more bugs in the system than an ant hill. Most of the time it either says you are in violation or out of hours.. even Monday morning sign in it is showing you are out of hours.
  20. wongway

    wongway -15% Pay , Never forget

    Pay after 30 days ?? Try pay after 20 yrs it's -15 less then you was making 10 yrs ago and one less weeks vac.time and broke pension !
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