SCS is changing its name

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    This si all I could A.C. mentioned here!....KK

    SCS Transportation (SCST) jumped 97 cents to 27.09 in fast trade. Late Thursday, the trucking firm posted a 91% jump in second-quarter profit and a 21% rise in sales. Results easily topped estimates. SCS is changing its name to Saia Motor Freight Line and will trade under the ticker "SAIA). The stock was on pace to end a three-week slump.
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    Changes have already happened

    Tried to access the SCS Transportation website and was redirected to the Saia website. Naturally, no information about the change was posted on the company website, nor were any past SCS press releases.

    It should be understood for another capital investment company to step in would mean buying out other investment companies (one of which initiated the process that led to the sale of Jevic).

    Further questions might be answered by listening to the archived conference call.

    Try this link:

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