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    The link with take you to the SEC filing as of 12/31/05 on the status of the bankruptcy. You will need PDF to read the complete filing, which about 32 pages long.
    Some outtakes :
    Executive compensation to administer the trust is 27K per month with a 50K yearly retention bonus.
    Still have one truck terminal to sell, Charlotte and one office in Menlo Park CA.
    Cash on hand as 12/31/05 is 217.1 million
    Final outtake .... remember a user who visited the boards ... KamikazeKoscki ... or something similar to that, she was mentioned with a note that her claim was dismissed but is under appeal. The bankruptcy court did assign a value to her claim in the amount of 5.7 million !! 10-K.PDF
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    How can they have 217 mil on hand in bk? Amazing. We got burnt soo bad.
  3. flstc2000

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    We will still get a token amount paid to settle our claims for vacations etc.
    You should see the amount of lawsuits filed against them. People lined up at the bankruptcy gate and hoped to cash in.
  4. good luck ....really... I hope you get it all back... that ain't right
  5. trucker4cf

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    scroodigan. I like your handle. It's a good one!
  6. KamikazeKoscki

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    I won on the administrative remedies for 5.7 million, and I am going after the truck insurance USF & G, United States Fidelity and Guaranty insurance company. The judge wanted to allow Consolidated Freightways to have their bankruptcy, but I am still trying to stop it all together. Either way I win because Wanton and Willful is nondischargable in Bankruptcy, so they will pay me 5.7 million for the Whistle Blower law. I now have a top notch law firm helping me and the bottom line is the teamsters union sold us out, by not representing us with a top notch law firm, yet they took our union dues. I had to go to the law library and go to court several times by myself to inform the judges of the laws. I am convince no one knows the laws in this country! We must all protect the Constituition! Equal protection under the laws, I am starting to make a come back and I have learned a great deal. I expect to win infront of a jury, just like Enron's verdict. I will bring them to justice, and I enjoyed exposing them to the judges and to our representatives in congress. If you are going to drive a truck you should ask me for a DVD so that you know all the in's and out's and the legal stuff and laws. It has cost me over $5,000 dollars to scan everything on a DVD, but I will give it to anyone for $20.00 that will cover the dvd and sending it anywhere in the United States. Blue Skies, Laura
  7. maybe it's some money left over from 225 mil ge loaned cf on the day they shut the doors ??? also ... here'e a question ... who was some of cfc's institutional investors ... who owned stock in consolidated freightways major investors ?
  8. Lawofone

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    Here we go scroodigan--along with that let us not forget the NAU 2008--the rebirth of cf under a new name after a five year hiding act from the people that collect dues--the monies that are hidden in the spider web of the financial papers that some of us have seen--and under the present circimstances we need that docket number to be posted by or before Labor Day of this year. I know that what I`m saying may sound like some nut from left field talking, but that is not so. I had many freinds that worked for CF, and I had one very special freind that I would take a bullet for and he would do the same for me. He started to lose everything after the shut down, and it was not from the lack of trying--his mistake was not having enough money set back, buying his first house, and having just got married to a woman that would not stand by him. He started to lose that day of the closing, and lost everything until he had nothing else to lose, and then he took his own life. So as far as the lawsuits go I would like the upper think about the lower and not take this personal--it`s just business. CNF/CTS/CON-WAY/ or what ever you want to be called, the only way that we will be stopped ( we know that you monitor the boards--we have been tracking you for years) is to put a bullet in my head. And the sad fact is that if that did happen, there are others that have already commited to carry on where we leave off. We have tried to negotiate--mediate--arbitrate--but the only thing left is for us to do is to stand in front of a jury. Excuse me freinds for standing on the soap box, but I had to get that out of my system, our freinds at the top are trying to do what is called a limitation -of- liability and a executory limitation, hey but what do I know, I`m just a dumb truck driver, you know the kind ( a dozen for a dime--but with inflation now it is 3 for a quarter ). With all that said, I would like to hear from everyone that has a story that they can share about how the closing of CF affected your own family or a family destroyed that was near and dear to you. I do not have enough post to answer pm`s, but if you would kindly post them here, and give me permission to print them out by making the last word in your post either yes or no (yes`s will be printed out to be used at a later date---no`s will only be read) I thank you in advance. I know that we can start another thread for this, but I would really like to keep it on this one. I hope you will understand. Again thank you for letting me stand on the soap box and get this out of my system. Have a good day.
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    As in the above post. I would like to hear from some of you.
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    lawofone i have to wonder. i to have wonder about the lost of live i said that the day we shut our doors. i dont know of anyone us here that this has happen to we are still kicking some of us have retired but really have not moved on and we still be to there if cf was. going from 2 to 62 in the city little to much for this old man it took to long to get to 2 before but holland was good to me that's for sure but 12hour a day on that dock this time was little to much this time around but i miss the people at cf and some at holland lawofone hope this help you some
  11. zeek

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    Old Charlotte CF Terminal

    Four weeks ago a construction trailer was put on the site.It looked like some minor changes where going to be done to the yard lastweek by a single trackhoe On 9-21-06 the entire structure was demolished by a fleet of trackhoes....thought someone might like to know
  12. excfman

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    i never saw the terminal over there being a city driver but understand it was a large on.oh well wonder what's going in there now. benton freight move in our old place. like to know what happen to the other's i don't think we will ever know what they really got them dollar wise.
  13. flstc2000

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    Very strange ... according to the special web site for the sale of CF assets, the Charlotte terminal is still listed for sale, the only remaining property not sold as of this date.
    Perhaps there is some type of environmental conditions that prevented the site from being sold as is.
    I wouldn't expect any answers however as I feel that CF intends to spend as much money as possible to prevent any substantial payouts on the remaining bankrupty claims.
  14. dadforseven

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    supposedly Walmart bought the entire corner of property for a super center. they need Hollands land to complete the deal.
  15. flstc2000

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    I will stand by my comment that the property is still for sale and has environmental problems which is the reason it's the last CF owned property to sell. The following link is to the CF "special web site " for the sale of CF assets and properties. Remaining Properties F-I
    As you can see the Charlotte terminal is still listed, however with a long list of supposed environmental conditions on the right side of the description page.
    Trucking rumors ... like the Con-Way rumor that's floating around now ... are just idle talk from bored truck drivers and radio talk show people.
  16. SummerGal

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    It seems that many companies are filing for bankruptcy.

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