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    Not sure if it is okay to ask this, but my father used to drive long haul out of L.A. and it occurred to me this may be a solution to my dilemma. I am a single mom, and can not afford to return to Northern California for my son's high school graduation this coming June. At least not in a traditional manner. As it stands, my plan is to walk from my home here in Michigan beginning in February (averaging 20 miles per day), in order to make it on time. My question is, since my physical health is questionable and the weather and terrain will be tough, at least in the winter months, how likely would it be for me to possibly catch a ride with someone hauling west for parts of my journey and is there anything other than common sense I should know if I should be offered a ride?
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    this is really tough to give you an exact answer.

    a company driver iis forbidden to take along a person for such a reason(s) as yours. a company driver MUST GET company permission, THEN PAY a fee to take a passenger, and then, it can only be a spouse, or a child above the age of 12 i believe. the passenger MUST BE a close relative.

    now, someone who owns his or her truck, is known as an o/o.

    he/she "may" be able to help you, as they need (usually) no one's permission to do so.

    but here in lies a problem or 2, or more.

    one can easily scream rape.

    one can easily rob the driver

    one can easily kill the other.

    one can drop you off in a desolated area.

    like (say) any other "hitchhiking" situation, YOU and the driver face possible harm from each other, or may very well have a pleasant ride.

    BUT all drivers have a schedule to follow, to make appointments.

    as it is, for you to even think of walking, well, you certainly will not be able to walk on the shoulder of any highway, as the cops will pick you up and take you to the nearest exit, and make you get off, or they will just tell you to get off the highway, NOW.

    you say you cannot afford to get back to CA in a traditional way.

    there is always a reduction in train fares, bus fares throughout the year.

    i think greyhound has a $99 charge, how far it goes i do not know.

    amtrak has reduced fares as well, i think at or about $129.

    may not be what you wanted to hear, but lets face it, your safety (and) the safety of any driver is just as paramount.

    check your computer from time to time for reduced fares.

    you say you live in Michigan, your son in CA?

    he is under 18?

    that means he IS staying with a family member or relative, or his father? or maybe a family that took him in?

    seriously, no matter what ever went on to cause such a long distance separation, that day IS important, and someone with in that inner circle should at least get you there.

    i do wish you well, and good luck.
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    Thank you for replying. I will take everything you said into consideration.
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