Stamper Hurt by Constant Criticism. Boo Hoo Hoo

Discussion in 'Central Transport' started by Jeepstr723, Apr 11, 2014.

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    Yes, can you believe it. He said this am that he reads the TB's and he feels hurt that people think so poorly of him.

    My continued point is that he Lied to us in the meeting he had with the Detroit terminal. Not 1 of his commitments to us have been kept. Keep treating your employees like crap and they all will walk out eventually.
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    Hurt? What a joke. This guy does not have a conscience and could care less about what his employees think of him. Stamper and Hartman the TM in Dallas are two of a kind. And both of them probably take great pride in the way they are viewed on truckingboards. They are hypocritical. The hypocrisy that spews out of these men is beyond belief. These men are consumed with their egos and truly sicken me....You get treated in life the way you treat people. Once these guys know you are intimidated by their anger, they will use it to victimize you whenever it will work....These guys are ego-defined and self absorbed and could care less about what you think.
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    I know stamper through the pjax years and he could care less about the employees. Once he's discarded by the mourouns he will never hold a position like the one he has now. He better keep kneeling to matty to keep his employment.
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    I knew him to and I'm just the opposite or he had the wool pulled over my head better, I think he is a genuine person who wants CT to succeed but its like using a bass boat to pull the titanic away from the iceberg you might move it a little but eventually if you don't get clear of it, the ship will pull you down with it. and as long as the old man and his yes team is in place CT will never change, the families theory is if it ain't broke don't fix it and in their mind CT ain't broke or at least not enough to need fixing.
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    I cannot speak for all, but personally from the PJAX days I had no problem with Rob Stamper. Actually he was the best terminal manager I ever had. That was PJAX, but CT is a whole different "animal". His "word" to us x-vitran drivers were just empty words, or "lies" as everyone is saying. Personally, Rob is a really nice man, and he personally helped me out. However, facts are facts, that you just cannot deny.
    CT treated us Vitran drivers terribly. Rob has pull in CT, but I believe most of the decisions on how we were treated came down from other upper management in CT. Now Rob has his "marching orders" from his boss to "right the ship", and I say, good luck!

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