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Discussion in 'Sysco' started by MikeJ, Jul 7, 2016.

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    Today I saw a Sysco Cleveland route truck 36' trailer pretty standard, but it was a Freightliner Cascadia twin screw mid roof sleeper. Are they going to put you guys in sleeper cabs so they can just run you out of hours on the road and you just tie down in what ever parking lot your at and they just shuttle a new trailer out to you in the morning? That doesn't seem very practical, or is it for long out of town routes. I know the chain guys have sleepers, but that's a little different.
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    We used to have a couple sleepers here for "freight routes". Drivers would run loads of freight we'd backhauled to other Sysco houses and pull stuff theyd backhauled back home. Never used them on route unless they absolutely had to. Stopped doing that in KC about 10yrs ago, up until about 5yrs back I'd occasionally see a sleeper from TN in our lot some mornings hauling freight to us. Cleveland may have one leftover from that, hooked it to a 36' on route because they're short equipment for whatever reason.
    Sure as heck wouldn't want to sleep in a Sysco tractor. Guys here just trash them. Even if you're assigned equipment the hostlers trash them out (I've even found chicken bones in the door pocket) and mgmnt won't do anything when you complain. Hate coming back from vacations, always looks like a family of racoons has been living in the cab.
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