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Discussion in 'AAA Cooper Transportation' started by Kings disciple, Aug 8, 2009.

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    I was pulling a set down Hwy. 98 out of Hattiesburg going toward Mobile one night this week when I came up on a AAA truck. I fell out to pass him and just as we were side by side I came up on a whole recap in the road.
    No way to dodge it so I had to run over it. My radio is tore up right now so I did'nt have any 'ears'.

    I got on by the AAA and he flashed his lights a couple of times letting me know something was wrong, I thought O man I've slung that gator up in the air and it's tore up his truck or mine one.

    So I pull into the scales just before the stateline (closed) and AAA pulls in beside me. Come to find out the gator was caught in my landing gear on my back pup and no damage to nothing (thank God) but ole AAA driver saw it and stopped to help me yank that thing out. It was wedged in there pretty good and the help was appreciated.

    I wish I had got his name so I could call his term. manager and give him a attaboy.
    It was about 5am and he was pulling a set with a day cab so he was probabaly heading into the Mobile terminal or whatever you guys have around there, not sure were your term is in that area.
    But anyways THANKS AAA DRIVER!!!:thumbsup: I'm glad that there's still some 'old school' attitudes left out there.

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