The Cross Route Run

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    Hi guys,

    So do you guys ever have days like this, where the route it's self is okay all stops you've all seen and been to before, but the order is a bit strange?

    Today I had that pretty normal Monday wasn't a bad day heck I was in my car driving home before 12:45pm.
    However it was a little odd I had one stop that isn't really a time sensitive stop and they were kind of in the not direct middle, but near the middle of the day and it had me kind of back tracking across town and then of course I get to a stop that's more time sensitive and I get there right as there opening which they nor I did not like. I told them, I'm not really happy about it either, but you're not getting a lot and they weren't just let me do my thing I'll be gone before you know it. Well I got there at 10:58am and was in my truck sitting at a redlight getting ready to head to my last stop of the day at 11:09am so I wasn't there all but 10 minutes and in that 10 minutes they had everything already pretty much put away.

    You guys ever arrive a little late to stops or just right on the cut off line? I arrive right on the cut off line all the time it annoys me a little, but once it's over I kind of say ehh whatever.

    Yeah it's all fun fun fun good thing I'm at a drop yard and probably in a couple of years will be able to get on transit ha-ha! Listen to me a couple of years I'm ready to go on transit right now ha-ha!
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    I've had equipment issues a lot in the past, and been places I shouldn't have been at lunch time. I treat my customers pretty well, and it pays off on those days.

    'As soon as you can get on the lot, bring it in' or 'Go ahead and park it right in the drive thru' always makes a crappy day seem at least a little better.
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