The Rocking Chair

Discussion in 'The Drivers Lounge' started by RacerX69, Nov 23, 2013.

  1. RacerX69

    RacerX69 Retired Gear Jammer/IBEW Retired/Wingnut

    Just watch the video.

    Then comment.

    You know you have to.

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    I just wasted 5:29 of my life
  3. pro1driver

    pro1driver I am LAST

    when i had seen that it was over 5 minutes, i had to make this comment..

    better you than me....
  4. ABFer

    ABFer Well-Known Member

    I'll pass on watching the video and skip right to the comment. And the comment is........Why? :shrug:
  5. Road Dust

    Road Dust Sunshine

    As usual, I have to learn everything the hard way, so I watched the whole 5:29 minutes, lol. I did like the chair though :)
  6. RacerX69

    RacerX69 Retired Gear Jammer/IBEW Retired/Wingnut


    Well it is clear that some of my peers here find it difficult to appreciate what this guy does. In a time when far too many people whine and complain about all the cheap, throw away garbage mass produced overseas in places like China, how is it that y'all can't appreciate something expertly crafted by hand?

    The things that guys like this create will are useful examples of fine craftsmanship, one of a kind creations that will survive for many generations.

    And the junk available at places like Walmart, Home Depot and Furniture Row will be in a landfill in a few years.
  7. Road Dust

    Road Dust Sunshine

    So true! I always try to find real wood furniture but it is so darned expensive whenever I am lucky enough to find it. However, I would rather buy a used high quality (read real hard wood here) piece of furniture than something brand new made cheaply or poorly. It's an added bonus if its handcrafted by a skillful artisan, which leads me up to a suggestion. With Christmas coming up, try to support your local independent stores and especially your local crafters.
  8. RacerX69

    RacerX69 Retired Gear Jammer/IBEW Retired/Wingnut

    +1 on that Dusty.

    Much of my furniture is either "home made" or stuff I've found used for free or very cheap on Craig's List. I have a real nice coffee table and end tables that were given to me by a friend who used to own a house in Seattle that was converted to apartments. He sometimes had to evict tenants, and then had to deal with disposal of their stuff. I was helping haul some of that stuff to the dump one time and this furniture was part of it.

    I asked if I could keep it for myself and he was glad to let me have it, as he didn't have to pay the disposal costs. I took it all apart and refinished it, and it will be in my home until I leave this world.

    I also have several lamps that were found in second and stores. All "Made In America".
  9. pro1driver

    pro1driver I am LAST

    when my mom's dad died, the family "divided" up the possessions of her father.

    she got some china plates, and his rocking was originally black.

    then what i did for her was, sand off all the old paint, then paint it "Navajo white", which blended in so well with her room decor.

    i now have that same chair, and it is still the color i had painted it for her. all i need to remember to get someday, is the seat pad and a back cushion.

    can't say when that chair was made, but by golly, as the old expression goes..."it weighs a ton".....' (i suspect the chair is well over 40 years old)

    i do not see that chair in the landfill, or a fireplace for a long, long time....

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