Thinking of Joining the Force

Discussion in 'Averitt Express' started by Regulars, Jan 16, 2014.

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    I sure hope not...but business is business!
  2. rnsgn

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    Business is business but let's hope they want to set themselves apart from the rest. We were told by management that if anyone at AE told you what was going to happen in years to come with benefits that they would be full of it, all we can look at is what the past trend has been that he's eat some of the insurance cost, just as we have.
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    Oh I remember when I went through orientation many years ago hearing one of the scholars from corp. stand up in front of the assembled and say "If you invest in the 401k coupled with our wonderful profit sharing, you will be a millionaire". Well, I invested heavily in the 401k and watched over these many years waiting to see the million as it has been under construction. As a result, I have started working on my 2nd million as I have nowhere near the first million.

    And hence the first lie of MANY from the hapless bunch in Kook ville.

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