Ward for teamsters!

Discussion in 'Ward Trucking' started by slickwillie, May 19, 2012.

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    Union or not it is up to the members whether they want it or not period. I will say that management doesn't like the workers to have empowerment. Management wants to crush you like a cockroach cause they can and will. Also the union is not the blame for a company to fold cause if it was so UPS would have folded along time ago. Mismanagement is the main reason companies fail but love to blame labor for their issues.

    I know a few Ward drivers in my area and they as all drivers complain about who they work for. I should say its not the company but the people who are running it makes it a hostile, low morale, sour workforce.

    Union has it good points and bad but a union is better than no union if it is needed.
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