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    Well ladies and gentlemen, the time is very near that deer will be doing a lot more traveling onto the roads that we use on a daily/nightly basis. With cooler weather, trees starting to change color and mass crops such as acorns, corn and soybeans filling the ground, the deer are not to far away. Sure we see deer during the spring and summer months as well, and have run ins with them from time to time. But with fall time right around the corner, the number of deer accidents and sightings are getting ready to increase 10 fold. As an avid deer hunter, I've learned a lot about deer over the years that has allowed me to prevent myself from getting into an accident with one(knocking on wood right now). Thats not to say it will never happen, but a few pointers never hurt, and it might just keep you out of trouble as well.

    1. Keep an eye out alongside the roads where there are Deer crossing signs, they didn't put the signs there for no reason
    2. Keep an eye out alongside the roads that you know run along a field, along a corn crop, soybean crop etc..Deer will be doing a lot of eating during the early fall months to help/gain additional weight & fat for the fast approaching winter months.
    3. Watch for eye shine at night, when your headlights makes a deers (or any other animal) eyes appear to be very bright/reflective.
    4. Back off of the gas pedal if they appear that they are interested in crossing the road, and watch their body language.
    5. If you need to brake for deer in the road or crossing the road, be sure that you maintain your lane in doing so. This will help prevent you from swerving into another lane already occupied by another motorist of some sort, and quite possibly rolling your set/trailer.
    6. Always be prepared for the unexpected, be alert. You never know what direction that they may decide to go in.

    During the month of November (usually during the first 3 weeks), the deer are going into the "Rut" (also known as the mating season). During this time, the Bucks (male deer) will be on the move for what will appear to be 24 hours a day in search of receptive Does (female deer). If the Does are not receptive, they will just run away with the bucks in tow. Deer hunters all know that this is one of the best times to harvest a mature buck due to the fact that the buck has one thing in mind...mating. The bucks let their guard down and tend to make a lot more mistakes than normal, which the bucks and/or does end up being harvested by a hunter or hit by a motorist while in search or while being chased.

    Just keep an eye out boys and girls, don't want to see anyone get hurt. Hope that this little bit of information may be of some use should you ever need it.:smilie_132:

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