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    Top reasons for driver turnover?

    Does a carrier’s CSA score have an impact in this? Would you drive for a company with poor scores?

    Besides pay, what are the top reasons you would stay at a company? Does safety rank above pay?
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    broken promises

    most newbies wouldn't even care, they need the job/experience.


    respect, hours needed to work each day, equipment upkeep

    to a degree. not every company is going to be 100% safe.
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    Incompatibility to accept RULES of company:
    1. You have to actually WORK to EARN. WE do not pay layover when you're empty.
    2. You have to start after your 10 hour break, not delay for 2+ hours because "I didn't get enough sleep".
    3. Paychecks are given with deductions removed for advanced pay, non confirmed weigh tickets, tolls, etc., so don't whine when your paycheck is in negative integers.
    4. Trucking Companies are NOT BANK ACCOUNTS: You will NOT keep receiving money requests especially when you're in negative integers (YOU OWE US).
    5. You WILL BE ON TIME for shippers and receivers or you will be terminated.(WE covered this in Orientation AND it is in your Driver Handbook)

    Depends upon how high or low the score.
    Your perspective matters to you.

    No. The mega carriers have POOR SCORES.

    Consistency of runs. Equipment upkeep. Distance to yard (for me is about 4 miles).

    For me, YES.
    Without safe equipment, no pay amount will matter.
    One does not earn when physically impaired or dead from faulty equipment or disregarding Safety initiatives.
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    Not keeping drivers busy enough. No one wants to babysit truck stops.

    Not enough home time

    Not being straightforward during the hiring process. Most companies these days try to sell unicorns, rainbows and kittens. Driver finds out later that the grass was greener because of the bull used for fertilizer.

    Poor equipment

    Not so much for new drivers, but yes for experienced drivers.

    No. My carriers CSA score is at 0%.

    Keep me busy.

    Frequent home time.

    Paid vacations and paid holidays

    401k matching

    Good equipment. Doesn't have to be a long nose, but I do want something that isn't held together by duct tape, superglue, zip ties and rust. I want a truck and trailer that'll pass a level 1.

    I'm taking positions of authority in church and in some ministries. I eventually am going to join TMI. I want to be able to go to church any time I need to. If it's Tuesday and I feel the need to have a service at a truck stop that doesn't have a TMI chapel then service is gonna happen.

    Don't rush me to deliver loads.

    Don't micromanage me. I'm more than capable to determine my own routing.

    Company credit card that way I can purchase parts for the truck and get broke parts fixed on the road without having to make a 2 hour phone call to the company. Plus I like getting hotel rooms when the temperatures are extremely cold or hot. If you don't want me to idle then I need a room.

    They're on par with each other.

    "Masters, give unto yourservants that which is just and equal; knowing that ye also have a Master in heaven."

    Colossians 4:1
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    I prefer apple turnovers...
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    i saw some delicious raspberry turnovers at the warehouse club this morning...yum..yum.....
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    There seem to be many reasons for driver turnover. CSA scores definitely reflect how trucking companies value the safety of their drivers. And Safety is one of the many important reasons a driver may stay at a company. It certainly depends on a driver-to-driver basis whether pay or safety is more important, but we always say safety first! -The Speedco Team
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    As of April 4, I am no longer employed.
    MY choice and it was because of "Equipment Maintenance" falling apart from the I'll get to it next week or when you return to base excuse (which usually meant not at all).
    DOT MED Card was to expire July 1st.
    Went to a Urgent Care (tied in with Cone Hospital) this a.m. and received a new 2 year Certificate.
    *Pulmonary Function Test*

    5.6 Years Driving Experience ought to count for something.
    We'll see, CHEERS!!
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    good luck buddy.

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