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Discussion in 'Standard Forwarding' started by shadowr434, Mar 20, 2011.

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  2. STDF has no assets for DHL to strip and sell off. We can assume (ouch!) they have plans for us. We need to make plans for our next contract, whether that is in 4 years or sooner. Get the word out. We need this message board to get the men from every barn on the same page. We must prepare for the next contract
    now that it is very deep pockets DHL.
  3. I see our moderator's profile says he is a driver for R&L. Seems strange to me that he wants to moderate a STDF page.
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    Could be they are after some of your exclusive customer contracts. I know you do a LOT of John Deere business. Could that be what they are after ????? Good Luck. Hope they're not just out to pick your bones clean like Yellow is known to do. It's just a numbers game to these corporate giants with no regard for the real people involved. The people are expendable in their eyes. It's all about stock price and the year-end bonus for Mr. Big sitting in the corporate board room.
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    As an outsider looking in, I think DHL plans to do with Standard Forwarding, like what Fedex and UPS did to their freight divisions. I see only good things ahead for the Standard Forwarding employees.
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    Im not your moderator.It was requested by the boards owner that we go through the boards and put a header page in each section that had no activity. Hence the web page from your company.
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    You have to remember that this board has no affiliation with any companies and all of the moderators and super moderators are from many different companies. Trust me while my company may want your account I have enough to do and could care less about your accounts.
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    By referring to Mr. Big, I was talking about the various CEO's and COO's of the major companies involved in buyouts and takeovers intending to strip any liquid assets such as valuable property (terminals, office bldgs., rollng stock,shop equip., etc) for the cash from company purchased (existing rights and customer contracts are also valuable targets) to pump the money from selling or using those assets to enrich Mr. Big's co. whoever it may be, then dumping what's left of the takeover target along with it's employees. It's happened many times before. Ask the Preston people for one example. I made no claims that shadowr434-moderator or any super moderator on this forum has anything to do with the DHL/Standard Forwording deal. How could they ? Unless you know something I don't, quit being so defensive. I am just an outsider speculating and looking at what occurred in takeovers in the past. I hope it all goes well for the Standard people. I just don't trust big business anymore, especially foreign big business. I'll get off my soap box now.
  9. Thanks for clearing that up shadowr434. Standard Forwarding (STDF) Has little in the way of assets. Not much real estate, no new tractors or trailers, no lucrative contracts. When the economic downturn happened, Deere forced us to lower their cost and gave a lot of business to a lower cost non-union carrier. No bones for DHL to strip away and cast us aside.
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    Anyone know the pay and bennies for standard forwarding??
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    Don't work there anymore.
    BUT, you have to give your location,as different terminals,pay different
    Not true Standard employees are organized by the Teamsters, and all are paid the same at all 16 terminals. $19.04 is current top pay .46 per mile plus all down time is company paid. Healthcare and pension are totally paid for by the company. Our contract with the company expires in March, and we expect to get a substantial raise to match the non union carriers some of which who pay $22 per hour starting pay.

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