Well It's back to hammerin time.

Discussion in 'Jevic Transportation' started by chariotdrvr50, May 18, 2009.

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    Well I have been off for a little over a year. Benefits are gone. So now it's back to work. Anyone know any companies that run like Jevic. Would really like to do that again. Guess it's gonna be tough trying to get back into things. Miss alot of the friends I had at Jevic. I read that Sun is going to settle the warn lawsuit. Does anyone know when that is? And how do,or who do we notify to make sure the lawyers have our name down on the sheets for settlement?
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    Where did you read Sun was going to settle the warn act????
    You know something that the rest of us dont know??? en-lighten us please!!! 1400 of your fellow ex-employees are waiting for good news.
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    try here

    I don't know your location, but try Saia. They ain't hiring so to speak but they are replacing drivers they loose due to accidents, quits etc. It AIN'T JEVIC and will never be but, the money is good. I'm home most every day and doing 2500 miles on average a week. You have to do the app. on line.

    hope this helps.

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