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    This thread in part relates to bigblks's thread about benefits/perks that have been taken away over the years. I have a love/hate relationship with this company. I feel fortunate to make enough to provide a decent life for my family, and I love the fact that I only work weekends if I want extra $$$ and am home every night to spend time with my kids. Overall I have to admit Sysco's been good to me, But...
    Reading the paper this morning I see an ad for Sysco drivers. Great, we're way short handed as-is, from what I hear they've had zero applicants (due to the workload, our reputation, and the local job market's pretty good). Thing that frustrates me is that they're advertising a $5000.00 sign on bonus.
    These are people who claim to not have the money to buy us hats. We have 6 (ancient) pallet jacks and two electric jacks that 60+ drivers have to wrestle each other over every morning because they claim to not have the money for more. We havent seen a pay increase (they claim an increase but its due to increased cases per route not an increase in the component pay) since May of 2009. One of the first things our new president did when he came in last year was take away the food (warehouse damaged pastries etc) we used to get during or mandatory meetings. Two really dependable, very good veteran drivers quit last week and several more have quit over the past year.
    Current employees are hacked off and quitting in droves, or at least considering their options. What does it say to current employees when you don't give raises, have to cut benefits, and don't have the money to buy me the equipment I need to make YOU money yet can pay someone off the street 5 grand to plop his butt in your truck? I hope everyone they hire stays just long enough to get the bonus...

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