wth is vistar?

Discussion in 'Vistar' started by buffalobill, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. buffalobill

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    i have seen a vistar truck or two around buffalo in the last year, it was an ugly sterling with a sleeper. said it was from denver co. if i remember right. what does vistar do?
  2. Hoosierky

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    They are a grocery reseller. I have delivered to their warehouses in Shawnee,KS and Denver.
  3. buffalobill

    buffalobill Well-Known Member

    grocery reseller? like a "middleman"?
  4. double r

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  5. Moneyman01

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    They do movie theaters i know that. From what ive been told its a nice job. Liftgate delivers and mostly pallet drops
  6. Moneyman01

    Moneyman01 Proud to be a dad!

    I forgot that vistar also owns a company called roma. Roma does pizza places and pasta places. But now vistar is owned by performance foodservice (PFG)
  7. grocerythrower

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    Correct Money, when I was with PFG, they gave us a ton of dough, so we could buy up other companies, Vistar Roma took the name of PFS, I saw one of their rides out of Springfield MO, it was completely re branded, it looked sharp! The corp is out of Denver CO, PFS corp is out of Richmond VA.
  8. JRut

    JRut Member

    the Vistar guys have it easy and pay is really good..according to a driver from the Arlington location. I was making a delivery to their warehouse. They are paid strictly by the hour and mostly pallet drops no dolly.
  9. Stan Smith

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    Have to look into them more, thanks.
  10. grocerythrower

    grocerythrower Super Mod

    Every Vistar/Roma driver I ever saw was pushing a dolly, been up in one of their trailers, it ain't no joke, 48' of packed to the hilt groceries.
  11. Moneyman01

    Moneyman01 Proud to be a dad!

    GT vistar drivers do have alot of pallet drops. They use liftgates and they might have to 2 wheel product in but they don't ramp it which would be nice.

    Roma yes those guys have packed trailers full of groceries
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  15. grocerythrower

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    Who knows..LOL!
  16. bigblk

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    A Vistar driver tried to recruit me around 10 years ago, said it was much easier than Sysco. They have a warehouse 1/4 mile away from my opco. When ever I ran into a Vistar driver they were mainly dropping pallets at the Big 3 plants around here or Lowe's movie houses.
  17. Stimpy

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