XSL Chemical Spill

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  1. Anyone know what happened in St Louis? Hazmat accident, evacuation of the premises, and fire marshal on scene. Don't know how serious, or what materials were involved, just hope no-one was hurt.
    Thought someone may have heard something.
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    A buddy of mine works there and was on the dock when a 225 gal tote of Organic Peroxode 5.1 UN 3109 got forked in 81 door. Started leaking and was so caustic smelling the supervisor had them pull the trailer out and proceeded to spread the :shit: all over the yard. No one was hurt I was told. Later
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    Awesome. That's as good as mine telling a guy who forked a tote of def to take it out and let it drain on the gravel.
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    So instead of cranking down the legs and containing the spill this supervisor had it driven through the yard. Now we see what college does it wipes your common sense away. We see now that all this supervisor carried about was his numbers.
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    They must have scored another sweet shipment of the wacky tobbacky, and indulged themselves.
  7. Good news no-one was hurt
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    Maybe it was a smart move to remove it from the dock. Just guessing. In having to make a fast decsion with a strong odor coming from the trailer I would have done the same, removing any possible threat to the building, equipment, & people working in or around the dock, & protect the customer's freight. Even taking the time to look up the chemical to check for fire or inhalation risk has the potential for things to go south very quick. A lone trailer with leaking haz mat sitting in the middle of the yard by itself seems less of a threat rather than still in the dock door. Just saying. von.
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    No, just No. If your situation were to occur, the proper procedure is evacuate and let the appropriate emergency services deal with the situation. Dragging a leaking trailer around the yard just makes the incident bigger. The best thing to do is not be a dummy jeep driver and cause the incident in the first place.
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    not to be picky but UN3109 should have been 5.2 not 5.1. 5.1 is Oxidizers and 5.2 is Organic Peroxides there is a big difference between them

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