YRC's estimated cost savings $220-$250 million annually

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    The estimated cost savings from these modifications is approximately $220-$250 million annually.

    YRC Worldwide- News Release
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    My question is this. Why is abf getting involved with these negotiations. Think back to March wneh Davidson and Kemp wanted nothing to do with the negotiations and wanted their own deal then at the last minute decidc to go along with the NMFA. now when it servers their purpose they want to join in. I know it will create the so called unfair advantage but I still believe you get what you pay for. For three years I have been reading about our very low damage claims in the company newsletters and such. Apparently some of the other shippers damage a lot of their customers freight.I know this first hand having worked at roadway in the past. Most of the time a forklift was needed to open the back door only to see freight piling out of the trailer onto the dock because their motto was" pack it high and tight".Unfortunatly theOS&D area was a quarter of the dock. Don't know if this still goes on .But having been to 070 and004 and051 and walking across these docks I could see firsthand that the employees were very skilled at what they were doing and took any steps necassary to NOT damage things.I believe trucking to be alot like some other businesses. Service is worth something. I am sure we can all relate to this .Maybe we don't even realize we do it.Shopping at one store over another, going to a particular garage or even a certain barber or stylist( if you are a woman)etc. we will be affected by this anyway but it is odd that because of yrc's bad business practice we will all have to pay the price. Why didn't abf buy roadway? maybe because somewhere some financial advisor said Bad idea? Why didn"t abf go to china to buy a company .Again BAD idea. The reward for having a good business model and financial plan is to suffer the same fate as your competitor? If someone on my street buys a house that they cannot afford is it their neighbors responsibility to be liable for their mistake? I am starting to ramble so I will cut this one loose
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    Story Headline - Economy * US * News * Story - CNBC.com
    "We've been able to offset a lot of that [competitive disadvantage to non-union shops]

    YRC Worldwide Chairman, President and CEO William D. Zollars said the money saved by the wage concessions sought from the Teamsters union will level the playing field between his company and its nonunion competition.

    "This pretty much wipes out the difference between union and non-union in our industry, in terms of our cost-base," Zollars said in an interview this morning with CNBC.

    IMO if anyone thinks that what Zollars said in that statement will not have an effect on ABF then they might want to think about buying that bridge in Brooklyn.

    "wipes out the difference between union & nonunion" What about ABF? They are going to be the only NMFA carrier paying union scale. Rumor has it that the IBT has already told ABF no to givebacks. Imagine that.

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