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  1. Y

    Yellow | Yrc Salary/hourly Employees

    YRC Salary/Hourly employees were just told they would not be getting their "annual" raise. Annual is in quotes because it lasted a whole 1 year. Its actually become a bi-annual at best and most of the time Quadrennial. Also the fearless leader Mr Kendall explained to all hourly employees that...
  2. Jeff

    Yellow | 1994 Yellow Freight Strike Video

    Boys and Girls we have us a classic getting ready to go up on the Truckingboards Youtube Channel. Our great long time Mod and member Kennesaw Kid sent me a DVD with over 2 hours of footage of that special time in LTL Trucking history, The 1994 Strike Some of it is raw and grainy and remember...
  3. LTL Trkr

    Holland | We are looking for a few good men!

    Jump start your career with free CDL training! YRC's free training will help you land a job with with one of the many LTL companies paying a fair and competitive wage!
  4. LTL Trkr

    Reddaway | Reddaway 2019 Contract Join the Conversation!

    Join the conversation on facebook. To find us on facebook just type "fair contract now" into the search box on your facebook page. If you are not on facebook you may post a comment to this thread also.
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