401 K They forgot something !


TB Lurker
This can't be true !! they forgot to tell the people that they pay for that 401K with the administration fee's .. And that you pay yourself back with 9 percent or more ... and better, you can't your money out till your 59.5 or you leave the company.. M O you know that's not going to look good on your resume , working here for a year , and a union is coming in , maybe .. I still can't believe six years without a pay increase , this April will make SEVEN !! . that very sad ... Good luck drivers !!! you all work so hard .. they have know idea what it takes to do this job ... and you guys have 53 ft trailer ...with local stops .. ANY NEWS ON THE CHRISTMAS PARTY ?? i don't think so ... You people just want a piece of the pie !! The old saying , 6 pieces of pie , the company takes 5 and then they say you better watch out the union is taking the last one ...
Last year the office workers had a Christmas Party...not for the drivers...we're just the people that make NCT run! But that's ok according Darksky, Drive&Drive, werble, Jbusy12, Al Beers...they like how their treated by NCT.